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The Family Office Real Estate Institute Consortium
has a limited number of invitation-only events, such as in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The objective of the consortium is to provide eligible family offices and their internal investment professionals:

  • Insight into the real estate market and its opportunities;

  • Due diligence and pre-screened direct and fund real estate investment opportunities;

  • The ability to create purchasing power as a group, and to

  • Be part of a dynamic peer network

Past Conference Presenters have included:

*  University Real Estate Professors                

*  Real Estate Industry Leaders in Accounting

*  Experienced Real Estate Managers in their respective industry   

*  Real Estate Industry Leaders in Law

Discussion Topics at the  Conference have Included:

Unlike the typical conference, the focus of the conference is to provide true quality information rather than information based upon a "pay to play" model for a speaking role.

*  Real Estate Market Cycles- Where are we in the cycle

*  Tax strategies for your real estate holdings

*  How are other families offices investing into real estate

*  What should be included in your due diligence

*  Funds vs Direct vs Co-Investments

*  Legal Strategies and your real estate holdings

                                     and more...………………..

Education, Networking, Due Diligence and Pre-Screened Investment Opportunities are the Key Components of the Conference

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