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Consortium Focus

Targeted Markets

Due to people moving to areas that allow for quality of life, a lower cost of living and employment opportunities,  secondary & tertiary markets are a favorite among family offices.

These markets include areas like Denver, CO | Austin, TX | Charlotte, NC | Orlando Fl | Portland, OR | Nashville, TN | Boise, ID | Dallas, TX | Salt Lake City, UT

Property Type

Property types run in various cycles based upon many reasons.  From construction cost to supply levels, geography and migration patterns, the consortium look for opportunities that fit members criteria, but also based upon market cycles.

Workforce Housing | Multifamily | Senior Apartments | Industrial | Assisted Living  | Medical Office | Mobile Home Parks | Self Storage | Others - Opportunity Based

Property Size

The consortium focuses on  investments that are under the radar of institutions, but greater than what "country club money,"

would invest into

$10MM - $40MM

Investment Criteria

From cash flowing assets, to value add and opportunistic deals, the consortium focuses on the interests of its members investment parameters and demands.

Value Add | Opportunistic | Development | Core | Core Plus | Tax Efficient | Cash Flowing


The deal flow process for The Family Office Real Estate Consortium is to obtain investment opportunities and insights for its members from a variety of sources. These include deal flow from members, conferences, pre-existing relationships, and referrals.

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