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Family Office Real Estate Investing



The Family Office Real Estate Consortium is an invite-only organization, created to provide real estate opportunities in a private forum for families and their family office professionals.  In addition to delivering deal flow, the objective of the consortium is to provide due diligence and establish a dynamic peer network, combine purchasing power, and

provide a source of insight into the real estate market and its opportunities.

Our Focus

We look for operators/ sponsors who have a history of success in their particular property types, have skin in the game and a history of operating in a downturn.   

Our preference is to find operators/sponsors that have an account of success primarily in secondary markets that focus on properties where there is an opportunity to add value.

How We Can Help

We offer our experience, access to our extensive networks of contacts through the 20+ conferences we attend each year, referrals, and deal flow from other members, which can help identify the more favorable real estate investments.

Our members are family offices that were successful in their respective industries but are non-real estate-related family offices and do not have the in-house expertise for due diligence, or they are looking for additional quality deal flow.

If we just wanted to invest only for our family offices, we'd spend our resources, time, due diligence, and expertise on ourselves.  Working with other family offices and helping find opportunities is a passion, not a job.

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